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I. Product Description
    CIFA name: chloroxylenol
    Name: 4-chloro-3, 5-xylenol, Chloroxylenol, 4-chloroxylenol, 4-chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol, P-Chloro-M-Xylenol, Para Chloro Meta Xylenol, PCMX
    CAS No.: 88-04-0
    Molecular weight: 156.5
II. Quality specifications
Item Standard
Appearance White to grey white crystallized powder
Odor Slightly phenolic odor
Purity(%≥) 98.5
Total impurities(%≤) 1.5
Tetrachloroethylene(%≤) 0.25
Iron(ppm≤) 100
Copper(ppm≤) 100
Moisture(%≤) 0.2
Ignition residues(%≤) 0.1
Melting range() 114-116
III. Performance Features     1. Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity toward gram-positive & gram-negative bacteria, fungus and mold.
    2. One gram dissolves in 3 liters of water at 20°. More stable in hot water. Soluble in 1 part of 95% alcohol, ether, benzene, terpenes, fixed oils, in solns of alkali hydroxides.
    3. Excellent stability.
    4. Low toxicity. Acute oral toxicity: LD50> 3000 mg / Kg (rat), acute injected toxicity: LD50> 2000 mg / Kg (rat).
 IV. Application
    1. Application Fields
    ① Hospital and common medicinal use
    PCMX can be applied to preoperative skin degerming, sterilization of medical equipment, and daily cleaning of the surfaces of equipment and hard objects. To prevent cross infection, it can be used for producing medical antibacterial soaps, athletes foot bactericides and general first-aid medicines. PCMX can be prepared into liquid, anhydrous hand cleaner, powder, cream, lotions and other preparation types, and can also be used as a preservative in other medicines.
    ② Household and daily sterilization
     PCMX can be used as bactericide and insecticide for skin wounds (liquid, cream and lotion),common disinfectant and washing disinfectant, sterilization soaps and personal hygiene care hand sanitizer and shampoo (particularly the products with anti-dandruff functions).
    ③ Industrial use
    Coating surface: In the damp environment, PCMX is used as a fungicide to be applied to the paint.
    Glue and adhesive: PCMXC can prevent microorganisms decomposing and producing peculiar smell, clogging the filter and corroding metals, and the product failure.
    Leather treatment: PCMX can prevent molding and resist the attack of bacteria and fungus (particularly for salted leather, plant leather and salted or air-dried green hide).
    2. Dosage
    Generally used at a concentration of 0.2 ~ 5.0% (w / w).
    3. Application method
    PCMX is added into alcohol, benzene, ether and other solutions, and then is mixed with other materials. Some nonionic or anionic surfactants can completely dissolve PCMX without the generation of any clusters.

V. Packaging
    Cardboard drum, lined with plastic bag, 25kg/drum

VI. Executive Standard

VII. Validity Period
    3 years
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